Sunday, December 27, 2015

I have a couple of books by Scott Hildreth to giveaway! All you have to do is Follow this blog and post a comment below! 

I will pick 1 random person to win 

1 E-Book of Money Shot
1 E-Book of Pretty in Ink

Contest Ends on January 1st! 


Tattooed bad girl meets eccentric rich man.

Two complete opposites, each refusing to become someone they are not, trudge forward in their respective lives, hoping something will change. And, one day, their two worlds collide.

Stevie is a foul-mouthed tattoo artist who is only attracted to alpha males, bikers, and tattooed bad boys. Frustrated that yet another boyfriend has abused her, she has traveled halfway across the nation to a new city and wonders if she'll ever find a mate.

Today, standing in the rain without a ride, she is having a bad day.

Wilson is a self-made millionaire. In his life, and throughout earning his hundreds of millions, he has learned money can't buy happiness nor can it buy love. Home-schooled and raised without the comfort of siblings or friends, his lifelong hope of finding someone to suit him has gone unanswered.

Today, he is having the worst of days. He's exhausted and despite all of his riches, he's simply done trying to continue...

As fate would have it on this dreary day, they meet. Standing before each other, completely opposite in appearance, they can't help but individually wonder how their respective lives may change if they were able to see beyond what is on the surface and accept who the other person really is instead of concentrating on what they appear to be.

Neither wants anything more than to love and be loved.

If they can somehow make this work, their lives will be forever changed.
Pretty In Ink is an erotic romance novel of lust, loss, and eventually, love. This stand-alone novel has the best of HEAs, no cheating, and no sex outside the relationship. Prepare for a modern day Cinderella tale, but due to the graphic nature of the sex, please be over 18 to enjoy this read. This novel is Book II of the Bodies Ink and Steel series, a series of stand-alone books about the individual lives of the tattoo artists who are employed at "Blurred Lines", a tattoo shop. 


Stand-alone, HEA, no cheating, no sex outside the relationship, and no club whores. 
"Vince" is a member of the Selected Sinners MC, an enforcer, and an administrator of justice. He is the real-life book boyfriend most women dream of. Handsome, tattooed, covered in muscles, and very alpha, he appears to be a dream come true. One thing most of his MC brothers do not realize about him is that he spends his nights reading romance novels, and has since he was a kid. He lives by a set of moral standards most men wouldn't even dream of attempting, and enjoys Sunday dinners with his mother and her dog. 

Sienna Boyco is a book reviewer who enjoys music, wine, and reviewing books; primarily MC Romance novels. She has dreamt of one day being swept off her feet by the men she reads about in her books. One night, after two bottles of wine and two book reviews, her doorbell rings. 

And on her front porch stands a stranded biker. 

A trip to the gas station leads to a talk about books, and a friendship develops.  

But after divorcing his wife of 15 years for cheating, Vince has very little trust in women and no interest in a relationship. 

Sienna, on the other hand, will take what she can get and hope in time things will change. 

Is it possible for a book reviewer with no history of criminal activity or violence to actually fall in love with a real life biker? 

        Sienna intends to find out.    




Lori Pouncey said...

Fantastic! Thank you so much for this awesome chance :) These are both ones I have been wanting to read by Scott ♡ Following your blog! Good luck everyone :)

The Club said...

Thank you Lori! I appreciate the follow!

Dee Swan said...

Thanks for the chance!

Amanda Worden said...

Thanks for the chance! Scott is a new author for me so I would love to read these!

melanie320 said...

Following blog by email. Love Scott and would love to win a copy of his book!

melanie320 said...

Following blog by email. Love Scott and would love to win a copy of his book!

Lori Pouncey said...

Wonderful giveaway :)
Thank you so much for this fabulous chance! Good luck everyone :)

Donna Wolz said...

Thanks for the chance!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the chance to win.Good luck to u all.Have a wonderful day everyone.

Starr Hayes said...

Thanks for the chance to win.Good luck to u all.Have a wonderful day everyone.

Aline Pack said...

Thank you for the chance

The Club said...

Lori Pouncey you are the winner of this giveaway! I will send you a message to confirm. Congrats and thank you all for entering!