Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review: Yummy Addictions

Yummy Addictions Yummy Addictions by Belle Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vale is taking a trip to Paris. When she boards the plane she finds herself being seated next to the a very sexy man. But this man is no stranger to Vale, while she doesn't recognize him at first, he certainly remembers her. They met a year prior while she was on girls only trip with her friends. They hit off then, but Vale was still married to the bastard. Vale isn't looking for a relationship, her marriage wasn't good and her ex was demeaning, emotionally abusive and a cheater but that doesn't mean she isn't open to something casual and in the moment.

The sparks fly between them once again and they re-connect on the flight to Paris. When they land however they go their separate ways because Jason already has plans to meet with his friends on a cruise.

When Vale gets a message from Jason telling her that he sent her something and she needs to be at the hotel to receive it in person, she believes he is sending her flowers but is shocked when she finds that the something he has sent is himself.

Their days and nights are filled with amazing........food (you thought I was going to say sex, right?), sightseeing and toe curling, steamy, hot, passionate sex. Jason has made it very clear he wants more with Vale, but she is unsure of what she wants, she has feelings for Jase but she believes that even though he wants to explore what they have that he will change his mind once they get home.

I really like Vale! Her feelings on food, alcohol, clothes and self-esteem are something every woman feels, I mean who hasn't had bag envy at some time or another? She has been hurt and emotionally beaten down and has come to believe the things that her ex said to her. Her trip to Paris begins to break down her feelings of self doubt and Jason is a huge part of that.

Even though I like Jason, he is to possessive to fast and while I know he is hiding something about what he does for a living, he is hiding something else, and it's going to be huge. He is to much to fast, and he seems a bit stalkerish to me. Not saying his feelings for Vale are anything but true, but he is not all that he seems and I am hoping the next book brings some changes in him. I would love to get more from his pov because I feel that would help me understand him more.

I can't wait to see how all of this plays out, and I am really looking forward to more shoe envy!

*I received this book from net galley for an honest review*

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