Sunday, July 24, 2016

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Meet Annabeth Johnson!
Her first novella is coming soon to Amazon!
***************** TEASER of Kara's Dirty Dreams*********************
Coming July 29th..
I take a deep breath to answer him, but let out a scream as he slams back inside of me. He shoves every single inch of his huge cock deep inside of my pussy. All I can do is hang on tight to his neck as he pushes me harder and harder against the wall. He slides out and slams back in over and over again until we are both breathless with need.

I am about at the point I am going to be begging him for more when he suddenly stops and barks out “Turn around and put your hands against the wall”.
I hesitate a moment trying to get my thoughts in order enough to make sense of what he is saying when he turns me around himself, saying “I told you to do something little bit”, “I expect you to do what you are told”.
Facing the wall, I breathlessly wait to see what his next move will be. He drops to his knees behind me and reaches to pull my legs even further apart. I feel his breath just against my ass a moment before I feel his hot tongue take one long swipe across me, from my ass to my dripping wet pussy. I suck in a startled breath as he stops just short of where I need him against my clit.
Holding my breath I am chanting in my head, “more, more, more.. please god more.”

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