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Title: Discovered 
Series: Cover Series #1
Author: Kim Black
Genre: Adult Romance
Release Date: December 22, 2015 Publisher: Limitless Publishing 
Emily Roberts was done with men!

She believed she was content with focusing on her career. After Adam, her ex, cheated on her with not one, but two of her co-workers, Emily fled from her former workplace, forgoing her internship, and decided to start anew.
Though her decision to write off love had held up for over a year, her chastity belt would soon be put to the test when Julien Belmont, a French billionaire, takes an interest in her.
In one night, she questions everything she believes, and though she is determined he is no different from the rest, she finds herself in a whirlwind of affairs, lies, and a tug of war between old and new men…
Can she learn to love again, or will she flee from Julien, who she admits is the best lover she’s ever had?
Julien Belmont is a gorgeous, commanding, passionate Frenchman who enjoys his freedom. His ever-growing sexual hunger means his appetite is never quite quenched. At least not until he meets Emily. One night with her changes everything he has ever believed.
Will his past destroy his potential future with Emily?
Or will the fire between them burn eternal?

International Amazon Bestselling Author, Kim Black is a born and raised New Yorker. She is engaged to a wonderful man and loves spending time at home with her family. She currently resides in Bronx, NY, but is a true Brooklyn girl. You can take the girl out of Brooklyn… From the time Kim picked up her first book at her middle school library, she fell in love with the feeling of getting lost in another world. Books became her escape and she dove head-first into the many books she loved with joy. She strives to provide that same feeling for her readers. In 2011, she was introduced to the world of erotic romance and fell in love with the genre, reading any and everything she could get her hands on. By the following year, she decided to take a chance at self-publishing an erotic romance series and thankfully she has been fortunate enough to have gained a fan base, though she still finds it unbelievable. While Kim Black may be known for her angst and suspenseful, sexy romances, she is working on branching out into other romance genres. Kim holds a Degree in Graphic Design and Animation and is the CEO of a new publishing services company, TOJ Publishing Services, where she provides authors with custom graphics, marketing and promotional services. She is also a proud member of Romance Writers of America and is a part of two of their chapters: RWA-NYC and KOD-RWA. ♥




I was given this Arc by the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

Emily swore off men after being cheated on by her ex. And then one night she met a man to make her reconsider her vow. Julien is a rich businessman/playboy who goes through women. His usual forte is to sleep with and then dump his conquest, but one night with Emily rocked his world and now he has to have her.

 I really enjoyed this short story. I loved how Kim Black captured the two sides to Emily's personality, vulnerability and strength. She was hurt once before, but she survived the heartache.

Julien, not my favorite character, was a conflicted man himself. On one side he cared deeply for Emily, but on the other he had a duty to his family to uphold and it did not involve Emily being in his life at all. I didn't like how quickly he was able to hurt Emily in that way. even though he claimed that he loved her.

The steaminess was good, but beware. There is a cliffhanger.



I received an ARC for an honest review

Review by Whitney at The Club
Emily had her heart shattered by her ex when she found out he was cheating on her. A year later she vows to never let a good looking player into her heart again. That is until she meets Julienne. Even though she knows he's all wrong for her and would hurt her the same way she can't help but fee a pull to him.
Julien is a one night stand sort of man not looking to settle. But when he sees Emily his heart has other plans for him. Too
Bad he has a wife already. Nearly ruining everything Emily finally gets the truth about his marriage being only a business arrangement. They have a whirlwind affair but Emily has many struggles to overcome in trusting Julien and everyone else she cares for
Lies and betrayal make for a great book but I couldn't connect with the characters. I felt Julien was too much of a player and Emily was to willing to follow her pussy instead of her mind. I didn't like Julien and honesty I am rooting for Suzie. (I know she's just a side character) and the cliffhanger was crazy making me want to read on to see how this factors into things. I did like the hot sex scenes and the fact that Emily is a face slapped though.

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