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Captured by Jordan Marie ~

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Captured by Jordan Marie

She was my obsession. I was her destruction.


My life is not my own. I belong to the family. Every step I make is dictated.
Until him. Skull.
The only man I’ve ever loved. The only man I will ever love.
His touch inflames me.
I can’t stay away—even if I should.
I gave him my body and my heart.
To keep him safe, I will sell my soul to the devil.
The lies began with our hello.
Now, I’m captured by them.


There’s an animal in me that I keep hidden.
Beth calls to him. She tempts the monster and lures him to the surface.
I’m obsessed with her. I can’t stay away, even when doing so puts my entire club in danger.
Her blood is on my hands.
I formed her to fit only me.
I was her first and if I have to kill everyone in our way. So be it.
I will be her last.
She is mine.

Deb's Review

I effing loved this book!

Beth is a good girl, cancer survivor who has led a sheltered life. While having coffee one morning she meets Skull and her world is changed forever. She can't help but be addicted to the sexy, foul mouthed, tattooed president of the Devils Blaze MC. She knows she shouldn't keep seeing him but she can't stop.

Skull see's Bethe on the corner as she heads into the coffee shop. He knows she is going to be his and he is not going to stop until he owns her, body and soul. His addiction to her runs deep and before long he has her underneath him, screaming his name in pleasure.

What he isn't prepared for however, is falling in the love and he wants more with her. When Beth's sick and evil step-brother, who wants her for his own twisted purposes, starts a war with the MC over her, things get out of control and people start dying.

I can't even tell you how emotionally invested in this book I am! I love Beth she is a so innocent but so in love in Skull and she goes to extremes to try and protect him and his brothers. I hate the wrong choices she made, but without them we wouldn't have the story we have.

And Skull, don't bother wearing panties! He is toe curling, screaming sex personified and all I wanted to do was crawl into the book and rub myself all over him like a cat in heat.

I would love to say that chemistry between these two is awesome, but that's to mild a word, try electric with a whole lot of zap and zing! I never wanted this book to end. I was left emotionally wrecked and it has left me obsessed for more.

I am on edge knowing I have to wait for the rest of this story! Yes it does end in an epic cliff hanger. I doubt there is going to be a cliff hanger that makes me feel this way for the rest year.

This book will be released January 28th. It will end in a cliffhanger and continue in Torch's story (Burned) To be released February 25th. Torch's story will have his happy ending and then the series will conclude in March with the release of the final book-- Conquered.

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