Friday, January 22, 2016

Review: UnderCovers

My Real Review: (you know the one Amazon will frown on)

Holy Shit! I loved the fuck outta this book! 

The pick up lines are cheesy and the story gives a whole new meaning to hot for teacher!

When Spence meets Melissa on New Years Eve, sparks fly. The two embark on a night of passion so hot, even I was turned on! While they have the night of their lives neither takes a step to make it anything more than a one night stand.

Melissa heads back to her first, first day of a new semester and Spence.....well, he shows up with a back-pack for his senior year of high school. What follows is a serious panic attack with some hilarious inner dialogue on Melissa's part. Something I totally understand, I have some the very same types dialogue with myself, although it's never been about going to jail over having sex with an apparent student.

What Melissa doesn't know though, Spence isn't really a student, he's an undercover cop who is out to bust a drug ring. He somehow manages to convince Melissa he is of age without giving away his cover and the toe-curling hot as hell make your panties wet sex continues. The things that boy can do with his mouth should be outlawed or better yet should be written into law as mandatory for all men to know.

You have got to read this! I have already made sure that a few of my friends have gotten it so they can share in the joy. I didn't give any details other than "READ THIS", and I know they are going to say the same thing I did, Holy Shit!

So there you have it. The real scoop on my feelings about this book! I think it should come with a warning label...

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UnderCovers UnderCovers by Kayti McGee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I loved it! It's so hot I squirmed and giggled like a little girl!

The pickup lines are awesome and I laughed so hard I snorted more than a few times! The inner dialogue Melissa has with herself cracked me up because I have those kinds of conversation with myself. And Spence, holy panty explosion! The things he did will make your toes curl and your heart beat fast! I am not going to lie, I was totally turned on!

This book really should come with a warning!

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