Sunday, January 3, 2016

Review: Vengeance

Vengeance Vengeance by Erica Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

William is a hollow shell of the man he once was. His light has been snuffed out and he feels nothing more than a burning need to seek vengeance against Kane, the vampire who killed him.

During the 6 months since he was killed, William has begun adapting to his new abilities as a vampire, learning to once again use a bow and arrow without snapping a string or breaking a bow, dealing with how enhanced his senses have become and drinking blood. But he feels as though the walls are closing in on him and he is restless to start his journey believing that only Kane's death will ease his anger.

Tempest is a shy young woman, she is currently watching over the children in the orphanage that she grew up in while Laverne, the woman who runs the home is away visiting family. When her usually quiet and peaceful town is over run with hundreds of vampires and horrible things happening to it's residents, she knows she has no choice but to leave and find help.

When William finds Tempest in the middle of a snow storm he feels a connection to her and after he hears her story about what is happening in her town, he decides that he needs to scout out the situation. But that is going to have to wait because the storm has gotten worse and he and Tempest have no choice but to wait out the storm together.

After a week together in a cave Tempest and William find they have feelings for each other, but when the storm clears and they leave the cave will William be able to set aside his need for vengeance for Tempest or will his rage tear them apart?

I have always loved William! I have been waiting for this story for over 2 years and I worried about the story being less than what I had built it up to be in my head. What I found was a love story that far exceeded anything I could have ever conceived! William and Tempest ebb and flow and I could feel the bond between them growing with each word that I read. Erica did a spectacular job with William's story! It was everything I wanted and so much more!

This story has also set us up for what looks to be a stunning revelation and an epic battle and I can't wait to find out happens next!

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