Saturday, July 9, 2016

Free Free Free - Tool Driver by Jessika Klide

Everyone calls him TD. His name is Thomas David.
He's a spoiled, self-centered, self-serving bastard.
A real prick!
The world revolves around him first, and everyone else after that.
He's always working his angle.
He charms women with 'TD stands for Touch Down, Baby. It's pointless to resist. I always score.' And he does.
I'll never forget hearing those words in my ear. His hand gripping my hair.
"TD stands for Touch Down because I always score. And let me tell you Rachael, that was the sweetest score so far. That score is going to be very hard to beat. You killed it!" He pulled my face to his. His lips touched mine in a hollow kiss and then he said words that rocked my world forever.
"Allow me to tell you the big news. Martha and Kendall got married last night. I'm your stepbrother." Then his tongue slid into my mouth.
I was 15.

I dubbed him "Tool Driver" because, well yes, he has an incredible tool and knows how to drive it.

Now five years later:
DAMN HIM! I hate him so bad! Why does he do this to me?
Fucking hell! What's wrong with him?

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